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Welcome To The JINGLE DOME
A free holiday update for Cosmic Rochambo!...
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Ram people... in spaaaaace
Lots of new!
For no particularly good reason I've been continuing to update this. I've added a shaded background to the input prompts in close quarters battling, new music...
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Um, Hi!
So I guess after two years I decided to finally fix one of the biggest flaws I perceived in the game: the battles were button mash contests. I didn't particular...
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Cosmic Rochambo Is Dead: Long Live Cosmic Rochambo
I've actually been wrestling with this game in both concept and execution a lot in the last year. It was a ton of fun to put together, but there are a lot of as...
Bug fix
Player two can now parry. Sorry for missing that, happy smashing. Up next: new moves...
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