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This game is still free, any money paid for the game while it's in development will be donated to the non tax deductible wing of the ACLU. All donors of $3 or more will be given special access as yet TBD.

A game of cosmic battle. Ram your opponent out of the ring, into oblivion. Attack? Parry? Dodge? Ro-Cham-Bo

  • Keyboard Controls:
    • Player One
      • (W/Z)(A/Q)SD: movement
      • SPACE: dodge (tap to parry)
    • Player Two
      • ARROW KEYS: movement
      • COMMA: dodge

Joysticks should work out of the box, left stick to aim, any button to dodge. If your joystick doesn't work, let me know and I'll address it.

This game is a work in progress, check back for updates.

1/28 quality of life updates (split screen requires quite a bit more distance to come into play, resolution up), special effects when dashing, controls remapping next

1/9 the sphere is now a circular arena. it has a creepy eye in it.

1/1 too much to address, two new levels, visual overhauls, menus, still missing music and some menu settings for ai difficulty and controls remapping but soon.

12/13 addressed xbox 360 mappings, made the split screen a bit less aggressive, also some legibility issues in menus.

12/9 refined close quarters combat, made various visual tweaks (split screen transitions, particle systems), made parrying more frame accurate.

12/8 added close quarters combat when two dodging players collide

12/4 bonus: tweaks to auto-aim, more style.

12/4: joystick and menu navigation fixes from playtesting. way cooler sounds, hit m to enjoy. music someday.

12/3: menus, scoreboard, controls remapping soon.

12/2: re-enabled some particle systems on the players and added a throw.

11/28: added a subtle direction indicator and really subtle aim assist.

11/27: added ai, 0-2 player game modes.

Would love to work with an animator on some more characters.

In the meantime send me videos of epic matches.

More information

Published91 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
TagsFighting, Lo-fi, Neon, one-button, Sports
Average durationA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


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This game is such a good idea, I'm keen to see how it develops

thanks for the kind words, I'll be making some more updates to it soon.

Woah! This game was totally revamped from the last time I played it! Looks amazing, but needs some cool music.

When I was googling around, I found a mix which I think would suit this game quite well. It's a sort of retro techno. I don't know, but I appreciate just how rapidly development is going and think this is a lot of fun.

Maybe add 3-4 players? I mean, it's fine, but to play with tons of people would be chaotic and awesome.

Dang! Glad you came back to give it another try, let alone enjoyed yourself! I've currently got some music in the works, it's not synthwave, but I bet you'll like it. Try entering a famous cheat code.

I've got an experimental level with four players, still plenty of kinks to work out in it though. Be sure to check back. There's a brand new move coming soon.


Cool! I'm excited for these future updates

okay so TOO MANY FLASHY LITES at least put a warning on the game and the writing is too hard to read and its killing my eyes please change this

what's your resolution? I'll test and fix

(Edited 1 time)

its 1024, 640 also sometimes it goes white for a little while and it freezes temporarily i just tested it and it still happened its not much of a issue just a bit annoying (sorry for the late re-reply i had to water the plants at the house were selling XD)

I'll look into the flashing. Hopefully your text woes should be fixed. good luck selling your house



lit as fuck.

Pretty cool! Although the splitscreen is a bit difficult to work with... maybe add match sizes for people who don't want that?

Glad you liked it!

The split screen is to accommodate players getting far from one another. if the camera zoomed out farther it would make it too difficult to see the characters. The angle of the split screen is indicative of the angle between the players and can be used as a guide for dashes. The actual distance at which it splits is not set in stone, but I'm not sure of a good way to make it optional altogether.

I really dig the split screen. Took a little while to acclimate to the distance at which it activated. Personally, I think my brain wanted it to transition more gradually, and initiate at a further distance (current resolution: 1920x1200). Perhaps the implementation of a variable slider, to fine tune the distance it initiates at based on preference.

Pause menu has legibility issues, what with how chunky it is and all of the movement.

Controller mapping (Xbox360) was a little akward. Left analog stick would only move my character up, down, left & right. Aiming was mapped to the right analog stick. This wouldn't be so awkward if actions were mapped to bumpers or triggers, by default, instead of/in addition to the face buttons.

All in all: fucking rad. The demo mode is a nice touch.

Thank you so much! I'll fix the 360 controller issue tonight. I've a few thoughts on improving the timing of when it switches to split screen. I'll be making a pass on the menu system (currently clearly an afterthought) this weekend. Specifically I'd like to get score max, sound/music volume, controls remapping, and auto-aim adjustment in. I'll put your zoom distance slider into consideration as well.

can i monetize videos of this

Go for it.



Okay mate, I get it! You're in space!