Cosmic Rochambo Is Dead: Long Live Cosmic Rochambo

I've actually been wrestling with this game in both concept and execution a lot in the last year. It was a ton of fun to put together, but there are a lot of assumptions that this game makes that made it difficult to really feel like I have the ability to really add anything I really want to add, just things that already fit. I've got big plans for its successor (though small, reasonable ones come first.) and I hope those of you that enjoyed this game will enjoy its successor as much if not more.  If you bought the game before, please stay tuned. I'll be needing play-testers and I'd love to give you all a first crack at it when it's ready. 

By the way, I do apologize but I ended up donating the proceeds to Southern Poverty Law rather than the ACLU as specified in the description previously.

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