After quite a bit of work I managed to get this application to work in a web vm, I'm not exactly sure how it communicates but it seems to be some sort of uplink to a deep space signal satellite?

radio static sound by kMoon:

windows NT4 startup sound used without permission.


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this is awesome! it realy feels like a lost piece of vaporware. while i was playing (and while moving to focus on 'devil') i got a notification saying 'failed to execute setValueAtTime on AudioParam'. your application is so engrossing im honestly not sure if that was intentional or not :P but just thought i'd let you know!


I am so glad you had fun with it!

That was not an intentional bug, that’s actually a strange one I’ve only ever seen intermittently and it doesn’t seem to halt things (once you click to acknowledge it). Sorry you ran into it, but at least it was in a reasonably creepy context